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Why Write a Will

A Will is something that anyone with family members should certainly put in place but which many people don’t consider until their later years. Unfortunately for some this is too late and they die without first having made a Will.

If you don’t make a Will before you pass away you will, in the eyes of the law, die intestate. This means that your property may not in reality go to the people you would like it to go to. In fact, it may even end up going to the State! This is because the Laws of Intestacy set out to who your property will go to after your death.

With this process, obtaining Letters of administration and appointing an administrator, can take months or sometimes even years. In the meantime your surviving spouse or partner has all the usual: household, weekly, monthly, and daily expenses to find on top of coping with their loss.

It is important to be aware that the spouse of a deceased person who died Intestate, DOES NOT automatically inherit the whole of the estate, if the total value of the free estate passing on the death, is of substantial value. The Law prescribes what a surviving spouse can automatically receive.

Having a valid Will in place also gives you a say in how certain things are handled after you’ve gone. You can make clear any special requests you may have regarding the arrangements of your funeral for example. This not only gives you the final say but also can help take the pressure of family members at a difficult time.

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