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Society is becoming ever more complex, and as such the use of Trusts has become a much more important consideration. Trusts are relevant for people in all walks of life, from those with very little, to those with lots!

We are privileged in the UK to have a rich legal history where a robust set of rules about holding assets on Trust has emerged. Many countries around the world do not recognise Trusts and are unable to utilise the many advantages that they can bring.

We at Acacia Wills are passionate about advising each of our clients about the benefits of using Trusts. We can offer you Trusts to fit any circumstances. There are many different Trusts and these include;

• Protective property trusts
• Discretionary Trusts
• Flexible Family Trusts
• Pilot Trusts
• Assets Protection Trusts

Examples of the benefits of using Trusts are as follows;

• Prevent your property assets being lost to second marriages after your death
• Prevent third parties from claiming your assets
• Protect disabled or vulnerable beneficiaries
• Ensure your hard earned wealth is protected for the next generation
• Help save you inheritance tax

Contact us today to request a free consultation with an Acacia Wills Adviser in your area and find out how using Trusts can help your situation.

If you would like to read current articles relating to the on-going reform of social care please visit the following page http://acaciawills.com/social-care-articles/

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